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Do you need to call 10, 20, 50, 500 or even 10,000 people?  OneCallWeb uses regular phone lines to call everyone on your contact list and deliver a personalized message, recorded in your own voice, to their phone, and you make just one phone call. It's as simple to do as leaving a voice mail. OneCallWeb is great for all size groups... large and small.

Join those already taking advantage of this TIME SAVING tool...

Schools Churches Neighborhood Groups
Sports Teams Clubs Volunteer Groups
Friends Civic Groups Political Groups
Sales Teams Relatives Doctors and Hospitals
....and more!

OneCallWeb costs only 12 cents per phone number called for a message of up to 2 minutes in length and there are never any long distance charges. We have discount pricing available for non-profit organizations and high volume accounts. You can schedule your calls in advance, and if a phone number is busy or no one answers, we make up to 4 attempts to deliver your message between the start and stop times you provide. We have capacity to deliver up to 700 calls per minute.

If a live person answers the phone, we begin playing your message immediately. If we reach voice mail, we begin playing your message after the beep. For live answers, we allow the called party to replay the message and to press "1" to acknowledge that they have received your call.

You can manually enter your lists OR you can upload your lists as simple text files. We are pay-as-you-go, so there are no contracts, no annual subscriptions, no setup or maintenance fees. You only pay us if you use us. We can also provide you with the option to be billed for your calls so you won't even have to use a credit card or purchase blocks of calls in advance.

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